Full circle

A long time ago, in a small town far far away… Yeah cheesy I know.

I have sat down for an hour and half staring at my screen. Have you ever had those experiences, that when put into words they just thin out, so it’s kinda like that horrible cheap watery chocolate milk from a vending machine, not the nice rich thick one with real whipped cream on top. I don’t think when I was 10 years old, being obsessed by Star Wars, that it would be my ‘gateway drug’ so to speak into Visual Effects. Star Wars has had a tremendous effect on me through out my childhood and adult life. From being an avid John Williams fan (probably being one of the first to make hiphop remixes to his music) till watching every single ‘making of’ available on George Lucas’ mythical world. Now about 22 years later I set out to achieve one thing: That was work for the 3 most respected VFX houses in the world. Weta, ILM and Digital Domain. These was the ‘holy trinity’ for me and I managed to work for all 3 of them on some amazing shows.

Now being back at ILM I was persuaded to come up to San Francisco for something very special. Little did I know I would be working on the continuation of the saga that got me into Visual Effects. Star Wars The Force Awakens with JJ Abrams.  Full Circle…

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