1. VES Awards 2016

    14 Feb 2016
    Ah yeah! I can’t begin to express how dope and awesome it was to get the phone call from my friend Marie congratulating me with the nomination for the 14th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards (VES) for our work on Star Wars The Force Awakens. After a very intense 12…

  2. NFF 2015 - Dutch Film Festival

    01 Oct 2015
    Due to the exposure of Valerio International tv show we were spotted by the NFF aka Dutch Film Festival organization last year in August. An annual event in Utrecht The Netherlands where the essence and creativity of Dutch Film is being celebrated over a few weeks with screenings, talks, seminars,…

  3. Valerio International - Episode online

    26 May 2015
    For the people (and mostly my dutchies) who missed the Valerio International episode where Valerio visits us in LA and SF, we have the online link here for you viewing pleasure……………  http://www.npo.nl/valerio-international/25-05-2015/BNN_101373857

  4. The Force Awakens Teaser

    25 May 2015
    This blew up the internet and the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim where Jacqueline and I were at. Man…

  5. Valerio International

    25 May 2015
    Last year Jacqueline and I were approached to participate in the popular Dutch TV show “Valerio International”, on the network NPO3/BNN by popular host Valerio Zeno. In this show Valerio and his crew visit and follow young Dutch professionals who are working abroad and who are successful doing so. He…

  6. Full circle

    06 Apr 2015
    A long time ago, in a small town far far away… Yeah cheesy I know I have sat down for an hour and half staring at my screen. Have you ever had those experiences, that when put into words they just thin out, so it’s kinda like that horrible cheap…

  7. Launched new website!

    06 Jan 2015
    Hi there and welcome… I am not much of a blogger, but I realized I do talk a lot of sjiht, so why not jot it down here sometimes and share some. It’s been quite some time since I had time to update and share some of my work and…

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