NFF 2015 - Dutch Film Festival

Due to the exposure of Valerio International tv show we were spotted by the NFF aka Dutch Film Festival organization last year in August. An annual event in Utrecht The
Netherlands where the essence and creativity of Dutch Film is being
celebrated over a few weeks with screenings, talks, seminars, tv shows
and lastly the grand finale of the Golden Calf Awards ceremony.

Jacqueline and I were approached to be two of the faces of this years campaign and festival as the theme this year is dutchies in the film industry abroad. This was an amazing and humbling oppertunity to get out story out and get in touch with younger Dutch filmmakers. We have always been inspired by people that have made the step to follow their dreams and we hope to be able to mean something to a newer generation as well.

Jacqueline and I both were asked to do interviews for commercials and tiny documentaries that would be shown in front of the festival movies. As well as being on large scale posters with my face all over The Netherlands. On top of that they asked us to fly over as well to be part of the festival with several interviews and talks. It was a very exciting few days (and pretty intense for me because I was only 3 days at the festival) and have met lots of cool people. Hope to be part of next years again too. Below you will find some links to some of the talks and interviews!

Link to VPRO interview with Daphne van Bunskoek:

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