Valerio International

Last year Jacqueline and I were approached to participate in the
popular Dutch TV show “Valerio International”, on the network NPO3/BNN
by popular host Valerio Zeno. In this show Valerio and his crew visit
and follow young Dutch professionals who are working abroad and who are
successful doing so. He wants to known what drives people to do what
they do in live and professionally and tries to take a look in their
daily life.

Beginning of May he visited us in Hollywood and we
took him around and showed him how are life is currently structured with
me residing during the week in San Francisco and flying up and down in
the weekend to be with Jacqueline in Los Angeles. Our episode will be
aired on the 25th of May on NPO3/BNN at 21.25. Be on the look out for the full episode here soon.

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